The science of deep recovery

We tell every client: regardless of your sport, if what you do after a tough workout or the big finish is just a huge meal and a long nap, you’re missing out on the exceptional training benefits of deep recovery.

Deep recovery supports your training in three ways:

  • Faster conversion of newly-learned athletic skills to instantaneous, automatic responses
  • Accelerated reconditioning of fatigued muscles and stressed joints from increased circulation and reduced inflammation
  • Early correction of pain or discomfort from biomechanical, overuse, misalignment and imbalance issues that can jeopardize an entire season of training and competition
Sports-specific training + sports-specific recovery = sports-specific results.

Deep Recovery Protocols

Our deep recovery techniques integrate the latest research-based protocols, including targeted cryotherapy, targeted trigger point massage, assisted myofascial stretching and high-performance taping techniques.

  • Promote circulation and reduce inflammation following tough workouts or a long season of games or races
  • Enhance your body’s neuromuscular response following training so your brain and body assimilate new skills faster
  • Accelerate recovery from lingering training or race season issues like sprains, strains, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and hamstring pulls
  • Restore strength and agility as quickly as possible after intensive training or an injury, to avoid the loss of conditioning and reaction time
  • Reduce or eliminate swollen joints, inflammation, muscle pain, tightness and accumulated “knots” from months of training and competition
  • Reduce overuse and training injury risk and inflammation
  • Retrain your body to move confidently and in proper alignment after injury or pain

Musculoskeletal & Joint Protocols

Our chiropractors adjust musculoskeletal imbalances and restore proper alignment for correct sport-specific form and optimal performance. They’ll also advise on how you can protect your body’s alignment.

  • Protect the flexibility and mobility your sport requires for top performance
  • Resolve misalignment before it contributes to problems like rotator cuff injuries, IT band syndrome, pitchers elbow, and other issues
  • Address lower back or neck pain that emerges towards the end of your workouts, races and games
  • Reduce or eliminate pain that puts your training on hold, like numbness from cycling, shoulder and elbow pain when throwing or swinging, etc.
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