No matter what your sport: cycling, running, yoga, tennis, golf, or triathlons, 360 Approach is the recovery solution for athletes and fitness enthusiasts in Morris County, NJ

Creaky after a tough training day? Delayed-onset muscle soreness after your last marathon or the big homecoming game? Or maybe arthritis is slowing down your golf swing or wrecking your tennis game.

An extension of our sister practice, Randolph Pain Relief and Wellness, our expert recovery professionals use special techniques developed by Randolph PRWC to promote circulation, clear out damaged cells, reduce pain and help speed recovery. They’re experts in accelerating recovery and rebuilding damage caused by the everyday wear, tear and stress of life.

360 Approach

Targeted Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is an all-natural treatment for athletes and non-athletes looking to gain an edge. Eliminate pain, reduce inflammation and most importantly, heal and recover faster!

360 Approach

Chiropractic Service

Correct musculoskeletal misalignment before it becomes a problem that undermines training and compromises your results. Move freely without pain.

360 Approach


We utilize Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization to identify and correct dysfunctional movement patterns.

360 Approach

Kinesio Taping

Soothe pain and improve athletic performance with the world's best kinesiology tape - RockTape.

360 Approach

Assisted Stretching

An assisted stretch service to improve flexibility and mobility. Ideal for athletes or every-day worker.

NEW - Targeted Cryotherapy Package - $19.99/mo

For a limited time - regularly $39.99/mo. Minimum 2-month commitment. Limited to 3 areas of the body per day.

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360 Approach is connected and working with industry leaders to bring quick, easy and natural recovery service.

  • Athletic Republic
  • Oasis Orthopedic Group
  • County College of Morris (CCM) - Exercise Science
  • Marty's Reliable Cycle
  • Randolph Revolutions
  • Young Survival Coalition (YSA)
  • Randolph Rotary Club
  • Randolph Chamber of Commerce
  • Morris County Chamber of Commerce

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