“I am 55 years old and I love to run – outside – in all kinds of weather. Of course, my favorite time to get out is in Spring, Summer and Fall. During the last 2 years, my running exercise was severely hampered by what I thought was a pulled calf muscle. I had pulled muscles before, but this one felt different. It was like a cross between a bad cramp and a muscle pull or tear. I would get about 1 mile into my run and my calf would “pull” and the pain would not allow me to continue. I would then be forced to limp home and limp around for the next few days. After a week or so my leg would feel OK again so I would try to run and it would hurt all over again. It was very frustrating… until I called the Randolph Pain Relief & Wellness Center and Dr. David Simon. He first listened to my story, and did not jump right in. Rather, he waited until my second visit when he felt a knot in my calf and he knew what the problem might be. He then started cryotherapy and myofascial massage. Within 3 visits, I could run again, and by just the 5th visit I was essentially cured. I can now run when and where I want and I love it! I also like that he was not trying to get me to continue to see him. He offered suggestions for things I can do at home for my leg muscles which I found very helpful. I think Dr. Simon offered great value in his treatment and even more so because it was effective!

I heartily endorse Dr. Simon and the Randolph Pain Relief & Wellness Center.”

Greg Birrer, Ph.D. Succasunna, NJ

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