The science of deep recovery

We tell every client: regardless of your sport, if what you do after a tough workout or the big finish is just a huge meal and a long nap, you’re missing out on the exceptional training benefits of deep recovery.

Deep recovery supports your training in three ways:

  • Faster conversion of newly-learned athletic skills to instantaneous, automatic responses
  • Accelerated reconditioning of fatigued muscles and stressed joints from increased circulation and reduced inflammation
  • Early correction of pain or discomfort from biomechanical, overuse, misalignment and imbalance issues that can jeopardize an entire season of training and competition

What is targeted cryotherapy?

A 2-minute Targeted Cryotherapy treatment helps relieve joint and muscle soreness and inflammation with safe localized cooling technology.

Treatments are applied over three or four visits as the body continues healing. The effects continue after the treatment itself ends, as the diagram below shows. An added bonus — it’s far more convenient than applying ice off and on for days.

  • Treats a specific muscle or joint that’s painful — not the whole body
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Flushes fluid and cellular waste from painful or injured tissue
  • Increases range of motion and regenerative circulation
  • Soothes muscles and skin

This technology cools the affected area to just above freezing, a safe temperature range that maximizes pain relief without endangering tissue.

And unlike full-body cryotherapy that requires you to undress and immerses your entire body below the neck, targeted cryotherapy is safe. Unlike full-body treatment, it doesn’t expose you to dangerously low temperatures — 200 degrees below zero! — in an enclosed environment that can starve the body of essential oxygen.

Targeted cryotherapy helps reduce pain and inflammation from sports injuries, back, neck and shoulder pain, sprains, strains and other soft tissue problem. Even people with chronic inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis say they feel better after targeted cryotherapy.


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